New to the world of blogging

The idea of writing a new blog phased me a little so when 2014 came around I set myself a mission to finally create a blog. Only three months in and I have plucked up the courage to start.  Having read quite a few blogs before starting my own, I was worried that mine would lack originality. I spoke to bloggers who I consider to be experts in the field. They all gave me great advice and ideas for how to start my own.

Now I write for 10 professional publications, covering news, fashion, lifestyle, technology, culture and theatre reviews. I look at all my portfolios and I think to myself I have all the evidence of my work but no log of my bibliography, my journey of how I got to write for so many publications.

I was going to use this online domain as a portfolio of all my online links to my published works. However I feel that by doing that you still don’t hear it from me how I got there in the first place.

Therefore this blog is called Gemma’s Journey. Cheesy I know but you will get to know that I am into cheese and all that jazz. In my blog I will write about my journey being a young writer so far and the directions I have taken to get there.

Now of course I will still provide links to my reviews if I have seen something during the week when I write this blog. Or if I think of something that interests me I will post it on here.

I write for so many publications that I am rushed of my feet but bare with me, I do hope to keep this blog regularly updated.

2 thoughts on “New to the world of blogging

  1. Right, I’ve just followed your blog! I Love the picture and the ‘cover’! Great idea about putting everything together, all your reviews, on here – AND writing about all sorts of things. As you know, I write about a variety of subjects and it’s always surprising which ones get the most attention! Immediate tips – as soon as you get more than 15 followers, show them, as people like to see their own picture when they follow a blog! Also, see if you can re-name those three little lines, so that people know where to look for other posts. Biggest tip – post this using the #MondayBlogs hashtag on Monday. This is a brilliant hashtag, as it really expands your views. Post more than once on a Monday if you have time (I post about 3 times that day), and (most importantly!) RT loads of the other people on the hashtag, especially @RachelintheOC @BadredheadMedia, who started it!


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