My Week Of Culture


Stepping aside from my stepping stones of how I got where I am today. I wanted to tell you about how the first week of my Easter holidays was jam packed with culture. Starting with Gary Barlow and Ending with a show of Cabaret (

Yes so while you were all out spending your pennies on chocolate eggs, or for some of you all ready eating them. I was out in the big wide world exploring the cultural seas. Starting off with visiting the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle, on behalf of NEMS it was my first review that I was going to write for them.  Having only seen Take That before I was unsure of what Gary was going to be like as a solo act, however he blew me away and to read my full review just check out the new nems website—reviews.html.

From Gary Barlow to  Enter Mickey Jeronimo, I am a what I call fan of Frisky and Mannish. Now Mr Matthew Floyd Jones, Mannish, Mickey Jeronimo, what ever you wish to call him put on a live performance showcasing songs from his new album and acts from the cabaret scene. I had seen some of the acts before so it was nice to see them again. The performance was at London, Hammersmith so onwards I trekked to London by myself to see a performance I know I would not forget.  It was fantastic to travel to London and witness some talented cabaret acts. As I built up a professional relationship with the artists themselves and the venue and production managers. On the day I was there, it just happened to be the day of the Olivier Awards as well so London was a day full of arty farty events. 

To see what I thought of the live performance visit The Good Review . I also reviewed Enter Mickey Jeronimo EP via so do check out what all the fuss was about. 

The Journal Culture Awards 2013 took to Sage Gateshead to celebrate the talent that the north east provides in the world of Arts and Culture. Hosted by Chris Connel, this was the live theatre actor’s second time as the compare of the major north east cultural award ceremony.Though it wasn’t quite the Oscars, the awards showcased the true talent that is home to the north east.The ceremony was well put together and anybody who was there were made to feel not only proud to be from the north east but proud to be a part of the Journal Culture Awards.

After a busy week you think that must be it, right? Wrong I had two more cultural events to attend to. One being The BBC Great North Passion, in partnership with The Cultural Spring it celebrated the Easters story through art and north east practitioners. I was working with BBC Radio Newcastle and Spark FM interviewing members of the public to create vox pops to be broadcast onto Spark FM. Image

Just when I thought London was the home to all things cabaret, Warkworth Memorial Hall impressed the North East audience with the hidden cabaret gems of Northumberland . Chris Cross, a Magician, Contortionist, Escapologist who shocked and surprised the audience with his slight of hand magic tricks and his famous escaping out of a straight jacket  act from Newcastle brought along some of the talented variety acts that the North East had been missing out on.Hosted by local celebrity, BBC Radio Newcastle presenter Alfie Joey who was able to sing a few songs along the way in between each act:

So all in all you could say I  had a very cultured week 🙂




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