Sh*** Just Got Real

First of all, welcome back to my blog. I cannot but apologise for leaving the blog to drift and die away, fear not my dear readers (if there are any of you out there) for I am going to be updating my blog weekly (hopefully). Being rather busy with uni and writing for publications it can be tough fit my posts in but I am going to commit to it.

Let’s hit the ground running and jump straight in with it, as you can see by the title I am having a reality check and although I do not swear in any of my blogs, the mentioned expletive sums up my reaction to this start of the year.

So I recently started my second semester of my second year at university and it is has just kicked in that I am actually going to become a journalist (again, I hope) and apply the skills that I am learning now outside to the real world.

My semester two consists of News and Online Writing, PR and Journalism, Shorthand and Public Affairs. I was a tad daunted by Public Affairs but after the lecture it really got me going and I am intrigued to know more.

The News and Online Writing Module was the lesson that hit me, talking about newsrooms and what reporters are expected to do now and what we will be doing when we get a job in the media.

There is so much to this course that I often forget or at least it is hidden in the back of my mind that this is not just a course,  (cliché coming) it is and is going to be my life when I graduate. Before this blog I had done some of my NCTJ Exams (National Council for the Training of Journalists) and these exams don’t mess around, this is the serious sh*** that I need to pass and thus allow me to be a qualified journalist.

This year there is no messing around,of course you can have fun and enjoy uni but this year really matters and  I want to make it count for something in my life.

There you have it, this was a little hello to you all and a update on where I am at the point of my career.

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