Sunderland University Media Trip


I know university say they change lives, so when they took me and my fellow students to Media City in Manchester I was very excited. The trip was to educate us more about our industry and how to pursue it as a career.

I was surprised by the uni that they were able to give us this networking opportunity in order to develop our personal careers.

The trip was apart of the RTSNW (Royal Television Society Awards North West) and Sunderland University had been invited to this day that was also full of talks, networking meetings and the awards themselves.

The day started off with being directed towards a room where  by we were audience to  talks by the likes of LA Productions, Head Of 6 and 10 o clock ITV News Richard Frediani Aziz Rashid, Head of BBC North West News and Regional and Local Programming and the Cbeebies Animation Team. Though not all relevant to my course I found it interesting and it opened my eyes to other opportunities that were in the world of media.


We were then given the chance to network, I managed to talk to Current Affairs and Entertainment of BBC,Victoria Roye and Richard Frediani. Having met those professionals, I felt confident in knowing that what I was doing with my career was okay and that I should keep on going and not be afraid to challenge myself.

Frediana gave me some sound advice on the news room and how to find that perfect new story using social media as a journalist. As a journalist it is epically important in my day of media. Whether I am using it personal or professionally. Your brand and what you publish online to your readers and followers is integral to how you interpret yourselves online.


The RTS  Student Awards were hosted BBC Breakfast Presenter Louise Minchin and Dan Walker from BBC Football Focus.

The shortlist and result of who won each award from each category are provided by this link below

I was really impressed with the day and the out lay of Media City, having had the chance to walk around and visit all these amazing places was inspiring.

I just hope that one day that from all the hard work that I do in my course and the support I get from Sunderland University that I will able to work there one day.

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