London Trip: Back For More


Back again for more, I feel like going to London is like a relationship. I keep coming back for more but can never commit to staying there.

This was my 7th day trip to London, literally doing London in day to see the sites, visit the theatre cafe, do a bit of shopping and so what I do best which is review theatre.

On my journey to London I had planned out my day so that no time was wasted. After reading an article on The Stage about a new cafe that was going to be musicals themed and was going to open in London, I knew this was my calling. As a huge fan of West End musicals I was in my element.


Having “tune” a fish sandwiches and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Hot Chocolate it was a very nice place to go and  be entertained whilst having some yummy bites to eat. The Theatre Cafe is on Shaftsbury Ave, opposite Les Mis (Queens Theatre) if you ever wish to visit it on your travels to London. Who knows you may find me there again singing Defying Gravity and eating a scone whilst doing so.


Although I have been to London several times, I admit I still acted like tourist going around Soho, Oxford Circus, Piccadilly and of course taking tube selfie’s at every opportunity.

I did try to be less touristy and stand near to the BBC, hoping that one day I will be there walking in because I will be working there. Though I did stand out in the rain hoping that someone famous would walk out. Alas they did not.


So aside from the touristy bit I was there for a professional account. I was a dedicated reviewer and traveled to London to see a show written and performed by the Mannish to Frisky and Mannish Matthew Floyd Jones of Pyschodermabrasion  

.  My review of which will be coming soon so look out for that on Kettle Mag . The show really hit me hard, it was a beautiful piece that was quite relevant to my life as there were certain themes in the play that affect my life now and I thought it was a really powerful yet personal performance.

Whenever I am in London I am always inspired and love the vibe of our capital city. London is not for everybody but pass the annoying tube delays and the busy streets, I rather like it. I just hope that one day when I do go back there it will be for good. 

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