As second year of university is nearly at an end for me, I thought I would do a reflection of my uni life and what I hope my future will bring.

It has been a roller coaster for me, having times when I have doubted myself and questioned what on earth I was doing at uni. But then when you have friends and family around you that support you,you start to do well in uni and then everything brightens up.I have started to work really hard in my course and get some decent marks in my modules, I do feel much better about myself and uni.

I shouldn’t stress about deadlines and work, what I need to do is keep proactive and keep doing things I love. Which is writing, keeping fit and of course reviewing theatre.  Without theatre, I do wonder what I would be doing.

The proactive attitude that I have has paid off, as next month I am to experience some rather interesting opportunities in the professional industry  of journalism. Not wishing to say too much just yet at this stage, I am very excited and can not wait to learn all of what it takes in my future career of being a journalist.

What’s next?

So in September I am embarking on my third year at Sunderland University, studying journalism. It is really frightening how fast it has all gone. Blink and you miss it. I have been so busy that I have been carried away and lost track of time.

Third year, I start to work in my final project. I can not wait to blog all about the goings on of third year. Although I have a pretty strong idea idea of what I want to do, it won’t be easy but I sure am ready for the challenge ahead.

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