Work Experience

Starting the summer with my journalism foot first, I went for some work experience in the industry.

As you know I am studying Journalism and Sunderland University and as part of that course, it requires me to have at least two weeks worth of work experience.

I was lucky to get one week at my local paper, Hexham Courant and a four week placement at Johnston North East Press, who cover Sunderland Echo, Hartlepool Mail and the Shields Gazette in the region.

I felt very grateful for those papers for letting me  gain work experience with them. As it allowed me to get an insight into what it was like to work as a professional reporter but to also get an experience of what it is like to work in a professional newsroom. Not only that but it has allowed me to develop my portfolio of published works, as I was able to get my written work published in both paper and online platforms.

Gaining work experience has made me more determined to get a job in this field. And has prepared me for what is to hopefully become my job.

Thanks to those publications mentioned I have gained skills compiling  multimedia news packages, video, slideshows and social media audience engagement. This means that I can transfer those skills for my future career in Journalism.

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