The Theatre of Football

So I know I said that I would do a review of a theatre performance that I would go and see but I have decided to write about a theme or a topic area that a show brings up.

As on Thursday 5th October I went to see The Season Ticket at Northern Stage- a play based on a novel about two geordie lads who will do just about anything to try and get their hands on a pair of season tickets to see Newcastle United play. Looking at the forgotten voices, young people, community, fans, football, love, passion and of course the North East. Not wanting to spoil it too much, it was the first show I had seen since the fringe festival and I left the theatre feeling very proud to be a geordie.

It also got me thinking about the similarities between football and theatre an funnily enough in the show programme there was an article written by Lucy Hammond and Sam Johnson all about this very topic.

One particular line from the article stuck with me shared experience, to feel apart of the community. I am always telling my Dad and brother that the theatre and football do share the same qualities.  As I sat in Stage One at Northern Stage and looked around the theatre, I noticed that as the audience (fans) as a collective we were all there in the theatre (stadium) getting ready to watch a play (game).

It was nice to be a part of a community, like apart of black and white toon army- a geordie fan. To feel a sense of belonging to a theatre community, to have a shared experience- in that moment where a beautiful piece of theatre is happening right  in front of our very eyes and we are the only people to experience it right in front of our eyes.

And because not every show is exactly the same, it makes it even more special.

I just love what theatre can do to a human being, you know you could be having the worst day ever but go to the theatre and everything is all alright, it’s purely belter. You forget all your troubles and enjoy the experience of the theatre.

I guess very much like going to football, you enjoy the game/performance and with like minded people and forget about the world out there.

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