Reflection: Work Experience

After graduation like all other students I started to apply for jobs and I was getting interviews but one thing that was stopping me from progressing to the next stages in the application was the fact that I had little experience in the field/being in a newsroom environment.

So I took the initiative and got myself some work experience, last month I went to the Liverpool Echo- it was an interesting and up tempo experience and I really got a taste of what life is like as a journalist. It was a true insight to the fast paced industry that I want to work in, understanding more about the digital first era and how important it is to tell stories that will work on social media, online as well as print- using photos, videos and other online resources to develop stories.


This month I was lucky enough to gain work experience with the Leicester Mercury and it really confirmed to me that working in the media is what I want to do. Perhaps a more traditional newspaper, I met the public and worked in an office environment.  During the placement, I worked as a journalist, wrote articles and assisted the journalists with their stories.I also got to experience going to court as a reporter and was able to attain quotes for the court reporter.

Though I have had my doubts about it, journalism is a career path that I want to follow and in the words of Elphaba from Wicked “And nobody in all of Oz, no wizard that there is or was is ever gonna bring me down!”.



I’d like to think that being proactive and gaining these experiences is going to be beneficial for my CV, it is really going to show that I am keen on improving and developing my skills as a graduate journalist and keen to know more how to work in a professional environment.

Going out in the professional industry, having a taste of what life is like a journalist and being able to create content for web and print to show on my portfolio is all going to be beneficial when applying for jobs.


After being at the mercury I am really excited about what my future holds and the prospect of being a journalist. I am  passionate about the industry and about getting a job, doing this experience has proven and I think just confirmed to me that I can do this if I really want it.

Getting rejections in applications, I felt that journalism was not the right career path for me and I started to doubt myself but now after my recent week in Leicester I reckon I can do this.








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