Bright Light Bright Light

I have always thought that theatre is my go to art form when I am in need of a cheer up. Yesterday I experienced a  massive musical hug- Bright Light Bright Light at the Think Tank in Newcastle and it was just what the doctor ordered.

Who is Bright Light Bright Light?

Okay there are many things that I could say about Bright Light Bright Light, I won’t bore you with the details so if you want to know all about him then check out his bio here 

His name is Rod Thomas- originally from Wales he moved to New York and pursued his dreams and  made them come true.

I seriously don’t want to bore you, so if you want to see his back catalogue (ooh pardon) check out his website.

If someone  directly asked me who is Bright Light Bright Light, then I would say he is the male version of myself haha. Full of love, life, colour and pop music- if he was a sweet I would call him a love heart.

The music that he creates is of the pop/dance genre and like I said in my tweet after the gig, it it just what you need if you have had a bad day or even if you a feeling a little low. Just listening to his music makes me want to get up and sing and dance and most importantly I feel good about myself and the world when I listen to his upbeat tunes- I will even go as far as to say his music inspires me.

My experience

The Think Tank is a small music venue in Newcastle, I had been there before so I knew it was going to be an intimate gig. Not the busiest gig I have been to, it was full of Bright Light Bright Light’s biggest fans which I appreciated as it meant that there was a lot of love and respect between the audience and the artist. It was nice to be around a like minded audience who all just wanted to enjoy the music and the experience of being in the same room with Bright Light x2.

I had heard of his music before so I knew what to expect but it was an entirely different experience at a live concert. Even though you know the music, it sounds different and feels different when you see and feel it right in front of you.

A particular song (music video above) There Are No Miracles really inspired me to get up and go and do something about my career. I won’t say too much about it as it will be in my blog next week but I have never had this feeling from a gig before. It just really got a message across to me to enjoy life but to also take it by the short and curlies- take control and make it my own.

Forget about it

What I liked about last night was the fact that I could just loose myself in the moment and totally forget about what was going on in my life. It felt like it was just myself and the artist in the room and nobody else was there. It was all in the moment, having fun, leaving any inhibitions and issues you had at home.

My advice

I am probably talking to the converted already but I strongly advise going to see a live show, whether that is music, theatre or any sort of live show- go and experience it. It will just make you feel so much better.

A little note to the artist

Bright Light Bright Light, keep doing what you are doing and never change. Oh and stay fabulous 🙂

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