Learning to take control

You may remember I wrote a blog about being motivated and not letting rejection win.

Well this blog is the next step to that, I was recently inspired by Bright Light Bright Light, no not an actual light- he is a singer who you should totally look up by the way.

He performed a song called There Are No Miracles, which to me is about learning to take control of your own journey and instead of waiting for something to happen go out there and make it happen. Bright Light Bright Light is from Wales, he then moved to America and made his dreams of becoming an artist come true.

After hearing about his story and experiencing his gig, it made me think a lot about my own journey and what I want from my career and my life. Although I am not going to move to New York or do anything crazy like that just yet.I have been taking my own advice and “wearing sunscreen” but how often can I apply layers and layers of it before I get a tan as I have recently  been getting burnt.

Yep I am still applying for jobs and getting a lot of knock backs and starting to think that I should go full time with my part time job (which is not a bad thing at all) it’s just not what I set out for.  There are moments where I sit on my laptop and apply for jobs in the media  and I either here nothing from them or I get rejected.

Fresh Start

And then I also have times where I am doing this and thinking why don’t I just set up my own magazine/ website/ vlog ?

I remember hearing about this on BBC Radio Newcastle, a magician who is a good friend of mine- Chris Cross talked about how he had got to where he is today (Globe-trotting Multi-Award Winning Magician & Escapologist based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK). He didn’t wait for it to happen, he took the initiative and worked for it.

Chris Cross you made so much sense, what an inspiration. I am a graduate journalist and have ended up in retail. Maybe I should do something about it and change my career?- That is what I texted into the station and I got a response from the presenters- Anna Foster and Alfie Joey- they both said to me to go out there and make it happen, to do a vlog or be more active on your blog and try to get noticed etc.

The idea of doing a vlog is floating around my grey matter, I just need to think about what it is that I want to vlog about- if you guys have any ideas then do let me know. Either way perhaps not straight away but defiantly in the new year I am going to start taking control of my future and  not be moping around wondering what is around the corner. I am going to have a big think about what I want to do and how I am going to do it.

And for anyone reading this who may feel like they are a little stuck then why not take the initiative and take control.

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