Relationship With My Skin

This blog is not part of my journalism journey but it is something that has been a part of my life since high school and some of you readers will most likely be able to relate to it hence I want to write about it.

I am going to tell you about my problem with skin and my relationship with it.

How it started?

My problem skin wasn’t really a problem until I started high school when I noticed that I still had acne and the rest of my friends had perfect skin. I would cover it up with layers of makeup but I studied Dance and Performance Arts at the time so the makeup would just sweat off and make my skin even worse. So I would have to go to school without makeup on and I felt so embarrassed.

Medical Advice

I asked the doctor what to do about my skin, they suggested I tried topical creams first and go from there. Of course, the creams did not work, so I was forwarded on to a dermatologist and they put me on Roaccutane (Isotretinoin). I took this tablet for a long time and it is a pain to take but I slowly started to see results and was really happy with what it was doing. As the doctor reminded me there were a few side effects such as dryness of the skin and other effects that would happen when I was on it, granted I did have a few side effects but I was able to control of it.


So taking all the pills had worked, my skin was free of acne which meant I could stop taking my medication and I could go on with my life without having to be worried about what I looked like or trying to cover up my skin with piles of makeup.

Pills again

A few years later the dreaded acne had returned and I was gutted about it as I thought the medication had done its magic.

After the relapse I decided that I could not hold back anymore, I had to go back to see my dermatologist as the acne was taking control of my life again. And without a question of a doubt straight away they put me back on the Roaccutane. After having it before I thought that I would be alright and it would work its magic, turns out that I was wrong as within a week of being on the pill I had a range of symptoms because of the medication.I became fed up with taking medication and decided to take control of my face.


Au Natural

I am rather fed up with taking all these lotions and potions of pills as you can imagine. So I have decided to go as natural and not wear as much or in fact any makeup at all and use natural products that are going to *hopefully help my skin*

I spoke to a range of brands to ask about products that would help my Acne and dry skin and from the products (which is many) that I have tried these are the ones I have loved and suggest you try:


I love the BB Seaweed fresh face mask perhaps not for acne but for a fresh face it does wonders if you want a more healthier glow to your skin. It is filled with seaweed and it feels really soft as it moisturises your skin.  The texture of the mask is a little lumpy but it is very cool and not rough against your skin thanks to the aloe vera and honey elements in it.

From masks to scrubs

Lush suggested I use Mask Magnanimity, a couple of my acne sisters used this and spoke really highly of it so I thought I would give it a go. It smells like toothpaste or After Eight chocolate, yes the peppermint that is in the mask helps to stimulate blood flow thus healing the skin.

The scrub is really gentle and there is no fuss when washing it off, I find this is a really good mask for drying out my acne on my skin.

A brand that is new to me Grounded Body Scrub is my angel from skin heaven. I have used two of their products.

The Grapefruit Scrub and the Tea Tree Body Scrub do wonders for me.  The tea tree scrub is great for the pesky acne, it is filled with hazel oil which is helping me to remove those zits.   For acne on the chest and back, I use the Grapefruit body scrub with sea salt and grapefruit oil it cleanses my skin. Not that has yet (I need to use it 3 times per week) but it promises to prevent any other breakouts.

Not a scrub but a moisturiser, this is my favourite cream to use before I go to bed.  I find that it just calms my skin down and reduces the redness and dries out my acne, it is called Calming Cream and it is all natural ingredients made by  White Rabbit Skincare though it is a little thick in texture, I apply it lightly and find it does wonders for my skin.


My Advice

For anyone like me who is suffering from the horrors of being a 20 something year old with severe acne, I suggest that you seek medical advice and try what they say but remember you are in control of your body. So if you don’t think that the doctor’s way is best for you then try what I am doing now and going Au Natural.


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