Making decisions

Since graduation I have been on the lookout for jobs in the media and I have been finding some great roles that I think are suited to me. As recently I have been getting a few job offers and this is where I start to have a good think about what it is a really want to do.

Tough decisions

When you receive a job offer there are a few things that you have to  think about

such as pand it is a tough decision.

First of all you have to think about the role, is this the job you really want to do as your first position? Is the role something that excites you, can you see yourself doing it?  Obviously the final decision has to be made by you but talking to your friends and family can put things into perspective and highlight views that you may have not thought about.

Whittle it down

You really have to whittle it down when you get a job offer, this is what I did a few months ago when I was offered job in journalism.

I needed to think about if the role was really right for me and was it worth my while doing it. This role in particular didn’t really excite me for all it was in journalism, I could not really picture myself working in that particular role.  I did speak to my fellow journalism friends and my connections in the journalism world and the more I talked to them about it the more I realised that that job that I was offered wasn’t going to be for me.

The role wasn’t challenging or exciting enough for me, plus there were other personal factors that I had to think about all of which were putting red crosses next to when I was considering this opportunity.

Thanks but no thanks

So I had to put my foot down and do one of the scariest things I have ever had to do- say no and turn a job offer down.

It was really tough as the role seemed perfect for me, it was what I had worked my whole university life for but it just didn’t catch me eye or push me enough. Obviously there ways and means to rejecting an offer, I simply rang the company and thanked them for the offer and gave my reasons for my rejection and luckily they seemed to understand.

Waiting for bigger and better things

So that role in particular wasn’t for me but that’s okay, they say that good things come to those who wait and I am strong believer of that. As I have said in this blog, when I take a job it is going to be something that excites me and is going to be something challenging and that really stimulates me. I think for a graduate it is really important to find a job that you think you will be happy in and not just take the first thing you are offered because it’s a job. Let’s make the first one a good one.

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