Preparing for an interview

For my fellow journalism graduates, I decided to write a little handy blog to help prepare for an interview in the media.


Getting the interview

Okay so your interview has been confirmed via email or telephone, during this time make sure you find out the important information such as the location of the interview, when it will be and who it will be with. When you are confirming these details always ask is there anything that you need to bring as 9/10 times they always mention a portfolio or come up with some ideas for our next feature etc.

Do your research

Before your interview I recommend doing your background research on the company that you will be having the interview with. This is why it is useful to ask who will be interviewing you as it means you can find out more about the people and find out how they got to where they are now.  If it is magazine for example, have a look at who the editors are, the reporters- check out their social media pages, websites and LinkedIn pages- though remember on LinkedIn they will know if you have viewed their page so it’s up to you to make that call if you think it’s best to do that. The more you know about the team the more knowledge you will have and if you can show that in the interview that will more than likely impress them.

Check yourself

Whilst you do your research on your potential employer- remember they will probably be doing their research on you too. Which means you should check your social media profiles, I always say don’t post something on there that your Grandma wouldn’t want to see. Especially in journalism and the media as a whole you need a strong clear brand and professional appearance on your social media pages, so check your latest tweets and Facebook posts- what sort of impression do you want to give to your future boss?

You have more than likely already done this but sometimes they refer back to it, I am of course talking about your CV. Make sure it is looking professional, it has a clear structure to it and it is all updates with your recent grades and experiences that you have gained.

As well as your CV needing updated, if you have a portfolio- as a journalism graduate I recommend using Journalism Portfolio. Once you have built up experience in writing articles and getting them published, the online portfolio is a great way to showcase your work and you can style the website how you like and really make it your own.

And of course it’s not just your online appearance it is your physical appearance that you also need to think about, so maybe have a look at your wardrobe a few weeks before hand and make sure that you are ready to dress to impress.

Interview time


And the rest really is up to you, make sure you be your amazing self- ask lots of questions, come across positive and keen- you want to stand out for all the right reasons and give your potential employer no reason for not hiring you.

Good Luck 🙂





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