Meet the bloggers

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Remember when I said last week in my blog that I would interview bloggers to understand more about that world, well here it is.

Here is my first interview with blogger Emmi Bowles

Meet the bloggers: Emmi Bowles


Name of blog:

Just Emmi 

What is your blog about?

A lifestyle blog about my own life and the adventures of growing up to let other 20 something year olds know they aren’t alone.

How often do you blog? 

Twice a week on a Monday and Thursday

How long have you been blogging?

I have been blogging under multiple blogs for a good five years but now I only have two blogs. Books With Ems which has been running since January 2015 and Just Emmi which has been around since November 2016.

What programme do you use to blog?


What inspired you to start a blog?

As a journalism student I love to write and have always wanted to blog. I first started book blogging because I wanted to share my thoughts with other readers. The reason behind starting up my lifestyle blog is because i wanted a place to write about things happening in my life and anything that isn’t about books.

How do you motivate yourself to blog?

Seeing other people read my posts and share them on social media is what keeps me motivated, as well as creating content that I am proud of.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

I love being able to share my voice and opinions and just be creative with my content. It is a place where I can be myself.

Are there any downsides to it?

I think it can become demotivating when nobody likes or reads your posts but i think all bloggers need to focus less on the numbers and more on how blogging makes them feel and how fun it can be.

For all us newbies to the blogging word, what is your advice to them?

Write about what you love. If you don’t enjoy it then you wont want to keep writing and it will show in your content if you enjoy it and take pride in it.

And just for fun, name one social media platform you could not live without?

If I wasn’t a blogger and I didn’t need social media for work then I think I could live without all of them. But as a blogger Twitter is a lifesaver for getting content out there so I couldn’t go without it.

To find out more about Emmi, check out her blog here

Twitter Page 

Facebook Page 






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