Engaging in Culture: Storyhouse

So as most of you guys know I am big supporter of the Arts and Culture Industry . I am passionate about making theatre accessible to everyone and anyone.

So when I heard about Storyhouse I was really excited to see how this project is going to benefit the arts and culture industry.

What is Storyhouse ?

Storyhouse is a project based in Chester, it has been a maker of theatre for a while ( I just wasn’t aware of it) .

But now I am, I find that they have been working on a new building in partnership with Cheshire West and Chester Council.

It hopes to open up new opportunities for artists and audiences who want to engage in culture.


Reading from their website it looks like it is going to be a fantastic venue that will offer so much for both artist and audience.

Having a two performances spaces, one being a proscenium arch  stage that will hold 800 people. That very theatre also converts into a thrust stage which means the audiences will be wrapped around three sides of the stage- this will make the audience feel like they are very much apart of the performance. Storyhouse also includes a studio theatre that will act as a space for workshops, rehearsals and performances.


The fact that Storyhouse holds a variety of performance spaces will (I assume) broaden the type of performances the venue can  hold. They have already started to build up their programme of events for May which is brilliant.

I do hope it will encourage people to visit Storyhouse and engage in the local art.

Engaging in culture

This led me to thinking about how much I engage in culture here in the North East and why I am starting my Culture Trips 

If someone were to ask you to name cultural venues in your area, how many could you name and how long has it been since you visited one of them?  Obviously I can’t speak for the rest of the cities but I know and am very proud to say that Newcastle have quite a lot of options when it comes to art venues. From the Sage Gateshead to the Tyneside Cinema  to the Life Centre, there is something for everyone whether that be music, art, theatre, history etc I think the North East has a lot to offer for someone who needs a bit more culture in their lives.

But what I fear is if we stop engaging in arts and culture, venues may start to disappear- we take things like this for granted and I would hate for them to go away because we have not been making the most of it.

So why not join in?

Why not join a group or create your own? Find people who like the same things and create events and conversations.

Or why not go and see a show, invite friends and start making it a regular thing? Just flick through the programme close your eyes and point, whatever show you land on go and see it. That way you will see something different every time you go and start to build up an experience of going to the theatre and you start to develop a taste for what you like and don’t like.

Perhaps volunteer and get yourself involved in art, maybe work behind the scenes or as an usher in the theatre- become inspired and engage yourself in what your local art venues have to offer.

Find out more…

Storyhouse is one of the biggest projects outside London the building will open in May this year.

To find out more about Storyhouse visit their website here 

Check out their Facebook Page , Twitter Page  and Instagram 



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