Losing my muchness

Since graduating last year I have been feeling rather disheartened , in such a state that I feel so lost and I have no idea what I want to do/ am meant to be doing with my life. I often feel (though I am sure I am not the only one) like I am the only one who has graduated and have not got a job in my desired industry.

So this is a little pep talk to myself and for other graduates who maybe feeling like this too.

What I’ve been doing…

After graduating I have been in search for more work experience in magazines, PR and journalism and looking for jobs. Both of which has been like a roller coaster ride- it’s had ups and downs. I lost all hope when I was getting more downs than ups and to be honest with you I sometimes feel like giving up.

Sick of feeling sorry for myself I have recently been emailing media companies and publishing companies in an attempt to ask for experience or ask if they need any writers etc- so far it has not been going well but I am trying to stay positive.

Working in retail

Obviously I need to keep my finances up whilst trying to find a job in journalism so I have been working part time in retail.  Don’t get me wrong it’s one of the best places I have worked throughout my working life and I do enjoy it, just sometimes  I can feel a little worried that I will never find my place in life and end up in retail forever. This isn’t a bad thing, in fact if this were to happen where I am now then I think I would be rather happy with it. I guess I just want to make something out of the degree that I have graduated in, I’d like to think that my 3 years were not all for nothing.

I need to turn it around

I need to stop all this negative notions and turn myself around, get my muchness back and start to feel creative and positive about my life.

I know that my university have Sunderland Futures which can help my career and CV advice, this is something I am going to look into as it will help me develop my skills into how to apply for jobs and hopefully give me some advice on my CV. Sunderland Futures can also help me with networking and gain work experience in the industry I want to work in.

To be honest and I am sure you are all thinking this, I think I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and not give up. I am sure I will find something I just need to keep going and jumping over every hurdle that I face even if does knock me down.

I am sure that if I do this I will find my muchness again.


2 thoughts on “Losing my muchness

  1. Brilliant post – I say that because you described perfectly how it really feels to struggle to find your desired job after graduating.

    I had over ten interviews to find a temporary position in a local college, which wasn’t until 6 months after graduating and I started searching a lot sooner than my friends. I was applying for jobs, graduate schemes and programmes before even finishing my modules.

    After working in learning support, I finally gained a Marketing Assistant position at the same college, which is where I also did my A-Levels. This is only a maternity role for now but I’m so happy I stuck at applying because I am getting the greatest experience and step on the ladder that I needed.

    I too worked in retail, for a total of six years.

    Believe me – you will find the right job in your desired industry. What you desire now might not be what you desire in 12 months time. But being able to get those experiences will help you and get you on the right route for you.

    Today, people still ask me what I want to do. And the truth is, I would love to be a Content Writer. Being in the industry I’m currently in is a great push into the right direction for me.

    Good luck with everything and I hope something good comes your way very soon 🙂 don’t give up!

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