My Goals for 2017

*This blog was inspired by a great friend and also blogger Emmi*- Thank you for giving me that kick up the bum that I needed.

So January may have not been the best month (apart from turning 22) ever. I can defiantly say that I have been affected by those pesky January blues.

And that got me thinking, I am 22, it is now 2017 and so far I have not achieved much at all. And after reading Just Emmi’s blog about what she wanted to do before she turns 21 , this got me  inspired me to create my own list of things that I want to achieve in 2017 at my age of 22.

What I want to achieve

1. Pass my test

I have already passed my theory (oh something that I did achieve in 2017 haha)  now I hope to pass my driving test and be able to drive. Though I am not always a fan of it, I think it will help me get a job.

Which leads me to number 2

2. Get a job

I already have a part time job but I would like to get a job in the world of media.  If that does not happen then of course I hope to develop myself in my retail job and become full time.

3. Leave the nest

I am sure my folks are thinking the same thing but at some point I will need to move out, so I can have my own space and start to live my life. But I suppose that can’t happen until I get a job.

4. Save Up

And of course this can’t all happen without money, so from now I will need to start saving up. Not that I spend silly money anyway, I like to think I am rather careful with my money but it is nice to know that there is some money put behind me when I need it.

5. Donate my clothes

My wardrobe is is brimming with clothes and I admit I do have an awful amount of clothes that I don’t wear anymore.  And I would like to clear out my wardrobe and donate my clothes to my local charity shops.

6. Keep Fit

I am at a point where I am happy with my weight and my body,though I may not be the slimmest of girls, I like where I am at the moment. So I have started to eat more healthier, do more walking and try to go to more dance/zumba classes. I am already making an effort with this but I want to make it apart of my weekly routine.


7. Read More

After getting a Waterstones give voucher I spent it on one book and I have read it.  It was there where I found my love for reading again and I wish to do more of it, I think I have found the genre that I like to read but I am always up for something new.


8.Be more creative

So I have already started to do those relaxing colouring books, which by the way are very therapeutic and I enjoy them very much. Bit recently I got into looming, I tried to loom a some gloves but that went wrong so I gave up. I did buy a looming book so I hope to get into that and regain my relationship with looming.


9. Make more of an effort

You can often see me  (when I am doing nothing) in my what I call chill clothes, which usually  consists of tracky b’s or jazzy pants with a long sleeve or short sleeve top and cardigan. I want to stop that, even if I am not going anywhere I want to be get up in the morning, do my hair and my makeup and get my proper clobber on so if I am needing to go out in an emergency I am ready. I also think it will put me in a better routine and put me in a proactive mood rather than feeling slouchy.


10. Network

A couple of weeks back I missed out on a really big blogging/culture arts north east event and I was really upset that I missed it. I want to turn that around and go to more networking events, it will be really useful for gaining experience, getting a job and it may help my blog too 🙂 .



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