Meet the bloggers: Jessica Martin

Name:  Jessica Martin


Name of blog: JessicaPatricia 


What is your blog about?


I don’t have a specific theme for my blog. I just write what products I love, the typical monthly favourites and anything that comes into my head that I want to write about.


How often do your blog ?


I try to blog every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday but at the moment, I’m only posting on Sundays. I’m finding it so hard to find time to write at the moment whilst in full time work and it is near impossible to take blog photos since it’s winter. I end up having to take all my blog photos at the weekend!


How long have you been blogging?


I began my blog back in 2015 during the summer, in August I think, but I recently started over!


 What programme do you use to blog ?


I use blogger to write my blog!


What inspired you to start a blog?


I became inspired to start my blog from my love of writing. I was gutted that I never took English at A-Levels and I wanted somewhere to write and so I decided I would create a blog.


How do you motivate yourself to blog?


I find it easy to motivate myself to write as I love doing it, if I don’t feel motivated then I won’t write as I know it won’t be good content and I wouldn’t have put any effort into writing it.



What is your favourite thing about blogging?


My favourite thing about blogging is that I get to do something I love! I love writing and I love photography and knowing people read and view my work makes me happy!


Are there any downsides to it?


The downsides to it is that I always feel so stressed if I’m not keeping to my blogging schedule, or if I can’t think of things to write about. I also get really obsessed over analytics!



For all us newbies to the blogging word, what is your advice to them?

Being a newbie myself I can’t give much advice but what I will say is to just enjoy it, write for yourself and be happy with the content you’re creating and don’t compare yourself to other bloggers but instead be inspired by them.


And just for fun, name one social media platform you could not live without?


It’s so hard to decide between Twitter and Instagram! I love Instagram as I really love photography and having a place to show my photography skills and I love Twitter as a place to really connect with other bloggers, I also love reading through the “moments” section in the morning!


To find out more about Jessica, visit her blog here

Twitter Page






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