Culture Trip 3: Mog on The Tyne Cat Cafe

Giving a furry animal a cuddle can help people deal with  stress apparently,well that’s what I heard on Radio 1 when they brought cats into the live lounge.

Feeling a little down in the dumps myself, I decided to visit Mog on the Tyne Cat Cafe in Newcastle.


It felt a little strange at first, visiting a cafe eating and drinking whilst being surrounded by cats by you know what-it was a great experience and I will be going back there.

When I arrived at the cafe I was asked to take my shoes off and sit wherever I liked, there is loads of space at the cafe but I chose to sit on the comfy sofa. I was given a menu that not only had the food and drink selection but an introduction to the cats that lived in the cafe which you can see here 

There was once particular cat called Stan who was an older cat that had had an accident when he was younger.  This led to him having a wonky jaw and his tongue always sticking out, he is very greedy so I had to watch out for him.  He did come and say hello to me once or twice he was such a friendly cat.


That’s what I like about Mog on The Tyne is that you can just walk around the cafe and there are plenty of toys for you and the cats to play with.  There are rules and regulations to follow like don’t feed the cats (though the staff do give you treats to feed the cats with) and if they are asleep don’t wake them, also if you are taking photos (which I did) make sure you have the flash turned off.

I took loads of photos and you can check out my social media pages to see more,  but I have included a few here.

To be honest this was just an excuse to see loads of cats and say hello to them all and get away from the everyday stresses.  The cat cafe is looked after really well and all the cats that live there all come from the Westgate Ark which is a fantastic re homing shelter for cats.

If you want to go, I would recommend booking in advance as it can get a little busy, it was very popular when I was there.

For more information on Mog on The Tyne click here 

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