Review: Savages @ Queens Hall,Hexham

When you think of Savages, what comes to your mind?  Well whatever it is I’m sure Anthony Lo-Giudice has portrayed it all in a dance performance.



Choreographed by Lo-Giudice Dance, LGD have brought a new level of  intensity and drama to a dance piece.  Taking stories from Scandinavian Runes and ancient savages, the piece brings out themes of history, fantasy,  lust, love, loss and war.


Savages is a rather intense piece of dance,  as the dancers take on this rather tribal yet  animalistic style of movement.  We see them ferociously battling each other, throwing themselves around in order to search for the divine.
Watching Savages is like watching art in motion and if I take a still image from Savages then I have a perfect picture.  I enjoy the way Anthony Lo-Giudice has played around with dynamics in the piece, being of a tribal and aggressive nature, much of the movement is fluid and expressive.
It’s because of this that the narrative of the piece flows well and has been structured in a way that it is easy to for the audience to understand.
LGD also plays with movement in the light, particularly during scenes that are pertinent to the story. As dancers hold each other up in the air thus creating magnificent shapes- the blinding bright light casts this shadow upon them making the movement even more striking.
The fluidity of Savages is not to be taken lightly  nor is not be confused with being a romantic or airy fairy as I call it.   Savages is overwhelming and heart pounding due to the Nordic music brought by Einar Selvik.
The constant drumming and tribal calls adds to the drama of the performance and really hits home what this show is trying to convey- being that of the tribal routes of Scandinavia.
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