Why I don’t love Vloggers

You Tubers are doing my nut in. There I said it.

I am not talking about the new up starters like myself,  I am of course talking about the Zoella, Tanya Burr, Niomi Smart’s of this world.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think what they do is great and simply inspiring.

But there are a few things that they do that  just wind me up.

Haul Videos

So if you don’t know what Haul videos are, these are the type of videos where You Tubers (or Vloggers as you call them now)  show their audiences what products they have recently bought and they review them.  I recently watched a Haul video by Zoella and she had done a huge shop in Primark, there were so many products I still to this today have no idea where she is going to put them all.

I think it’s great that Vloggers are reviewing products I am all for that.  However, there is apart of me that just thinks that they have more money than sense.   That’s another thing, the money- now I only have a small part time job so I don’t earn that much hence I like to be careful with my money and I can’t afford to buy all those nice things to review them.

Lucky these you tubers can afford to buy all these wonderful things and show them off to their subscribers.

Relate to their audience

Now I can only speak for myself here but I can imagine this happens to other people when they watch you tube videos.  I sometimes when I am feeling thrifty, I end up clicking the link below and buying a product (usually a make up brush) after watching a haul or a you tube tutorial.  But I really can’t afford to be doing that and I am sure their subscribers can’t either. I think Vloggers should remember who their audiences are and think about what image they are showing. We don’t get to do all these amazing things and have busy and exciting lives as they do.

Pretty Picture

That’s what I fear about Vloggers, how much influence they have over their viewers.  They portray this perfect life, this pretty little picture of a life that they have going on.  And let’s be honest we all have bad days where our hair doesn’t sit right or our day doesn’t go as planned. And I am sure Vloggers have the same experience as us, so why don’t they show that too? I think that it will make them more human  to their subscribers.

Celebrity Status

Of course now days,  these vloggers are classed as celebs.  Having their own lines in fashion, beauty,  home wear and even their own books now- when they launch a new product they have meet and greet days now too.  It’s a big thing being a vlogger and all they do is create, edit and publish their content like us up starts do.

I guess it’s all about building up a brand and a rapport with their subscribers, that’s why they are so popular and have created a job out of it.

I just think that maybe it is all a little too much and they should think about what they want to do with their blog and think about their audiences.


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