Meet The Bloggers: Dan Betts

Name: Dan Betts


Name of blog:   Dan Betts  and The Hot Stepanovs 


What is your blog about?

I specialise in football, but I have recently branched out and now I am a scribe for hire. I have written about everything from charity events to deep-lying pipe trenches! I hope to make a career from this, either as an author, copywriter or blogger.


How often do your blog ie weekly/daily ?

I try to write every day. I write for other websites and receive freelance work often, so I’m writing as often as I can. It is difficult to maintain, especially with the demands of a full-time job, but Stephen King put together a book about writing, and he says that you should write every day, even when you’re not in the mood. He knows better than I do, so that’s what I’ll try to do!


How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging about four years ago, writing for a friend’s site. I’ve had my own site for about two and a half years now.


What programme do you use to blog ?

I use wordpress. It’s easy to use and to personalise.


What inspired you to start a blog?

It’s an escape from my mind-numbing job. I’ve always had a job that consumed me, required me to think on my feet etc. I’m now in a job that pays my bills, but doesn’t require any brainpower of any kind! I needed an outlet, and some hope for an eventual escape.


How do you motivate yourself to blog?

Again, the misery of my job! I hope I can make something from this, enough to pay my bills anyway. I’ve got a book coming out, and I hope this may be the next step. I have also started a Youtube channel, which is a bit sketchy but offers an alternative to the ludicrous football opinions currently on the web.


What is your favourite thing about blogging?

I love the fact that someone has taken some of their precious time to read something I’ve written. There is no bigger compliment.


Are there any downsides to it?

It is quite demanding on my time. My already tragic social life is now in a vegetative state.


For all us newbies to the blogging word, what is your advice to them?

Keep plugging away, you will get haters. Also, listen to feedback. There are always others who know more than we do.


And just for fun, name one social media platform you could not live without?

I love Twitter. It has both ends of the emotional spectrum, but I know and have met so many people on there that really have made a difference.







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