Is it a tragedy that Steps are back?

Image: ITV.COM 

First of all before you go all better the devil you know on me I just want to say that I have have been and still am a massive fan of Steps since day one.  And I remember when Steps broke up, I remember where I was and how I felt on that very day. I will never forget it.

So when they came back for a reunion tour I never bought a ticket, fear that the band would not be like they used to be back in the 90’s I wanted to keep my memory of how Steps used to be in a little magical music box.


Happy Birthday Steps

And how they are back for their 20th Birthday.

And like any other dedicated fan I listened to their new single Scared of the Dark, I had to listen to it more than once to get into the song, learn all the steps 😉 and the lyrics. I have to admit I do really like the track.

When the full album Tears On The Dance Floor  came on to Spotify I put on in the shower and listened to the full album. I have a mixed reaction to their new tracks, there are a few that I think sound like my Steps and there are few songs on there that I think oh no Steps what are you doing?? I fear that they are trying to be something that they are not, trying to catch up with the more current artists and to be honest Steps, I think it is rather cringe.

It’s the Way You Make Me Feel

Imagine your parents standing up on a stage all done up to the nines singing their favourite pop tunes, well that is how I see Steps.

I am sorry but it’s the way you make me feel Steps, whenever I see you live on the TV or I watch you set up your own Pinterest pages  live on H cam on Facebook and I just feel cringe. It’s like trying to teach your old folks how to dab, I can’t deal with it.

Obviously they are all older now and they have their own lives- some of the band members are even parents.

Steps were great in the 90’s and they were my favourite pop band back in the day, I just think that they need to stay there.

Better Best Forgotten

Perhaps I am just being silly and need to get over it. Maybe I should just forget the past and focus on the future when it comes to Steps.

I should be happy that they are back with big and better music to entertain thousands of fans including myself. Maybe I need to give their new music and new live performances a chance and I might just get used to the idea, who knows I even may go to see them live?

Yes I think I shall try and focus on the Here and Now.

So with that I shall leave you with that very song by the one and only Steps.



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