My Top Five Vloggers

After having a little rant about why I don’t love Vloggers which you can read here 

I thought I would give some love back to You Tube and tell you my top five vloggers

1:Sprinkle of Glitter

I love Sprinkle of Glitter, she is just a bundle of joy to watch. I love how honest she is on her channel- her new way of vlogging her life is something I think every vlogger should think about. I like her fashion/beauty vlogs as well but I love honest she is, she can be vlogging with a bad hair day and no make up and not care which is what I love about her. I feel like we get to see the real Louise Pentland on You Tube.

2: Zoella

Now I know I said that I wasn’t a fan of Zoella especially her haul videos which is true. But I do like her vlogging channel which is called More Zoella, I feel like she is more herself in these videos and we get a little insight to life behind the beauty blogger.

3:My Pale Skin

If it’s one You Tuber/Vlogger that I can connect with it’s Em (My Pale Skin). As someone who has dealt with skin problems which you can read about here   I find that I can relate to her content. She trials new skin products that are supposed to be helpful for acne suffers and creates make up tutorials  with products that are good for people with problem skin.  What I like is that she tests the products first so I don’t have to, if I have seen a new acne product that I am unsure of, you can guarantee Em Ford will have tested it first.

4: Fabulous Hannah 

Possibly the next Zoella, I love how chatty and real Hannah is. Again (you can see a pattern here) she does beauty/fashion videos.  I like her beauty tutorials because she usually uses high street products so if I fancy an eye shadow she has used it means I can afford it.  Hannah has such a lovely personality she comes across as a nice person  on camera.

5: Twenty-Something City 

A fellow Kettle writer, Twenty- Something City gives great fashion/lifestyle advice for people in their 20’s.  It was because of her last video about shopping that I stopped myself buying a dress that I really didn’t need. She only has 50 subscribers but defiantly deserves more.  She is so down to earth, it’s like listening to  an older sister that I never have giving me some useful life lessons.




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