Meet the Bloggers: Scottish Cosmetics Corner

Name:  Julie Barbour
Name of blog:  Scottish Cosmetics Corner
What is your blog about? 
Mainly it was for beauty reviews but I decided to branch out and do posts on  cosmetics and also other subjects such as my anxiety, my love of books and other things that I find interesting or inspire me to write and want to share with others.
How often do you blog?
I don’t have a specific time frame I tend to upload when I feel passionate about something or inspired.
How long have you been blogging ?
Well I started off my blog Scots beauty review on 11th of May 2015, then I decided to change it up a bit and the name and now it is  called Scottish Cosmetics Corner.
What programme do you use to blog?
I use blogger.
What inspired you to start a blog?
 What inspired me was my interest in all things to do with cosmetics and make up, I have such a love and passion for them I thought I’m going to give it ago.
Giving my own view as a normal girl sat in her room just giving her honest opinion on products I have bought, love, want to try or repurchase, things cannot live without.
Then I decided that there was room for making my blog more varied, I know that may be I should change the name of the blog but then again I feel that mostly it has cosmetic posts on there and I will continue to add beauty one but also want to expand to other subjects as well. And hope that people will enjoy my point of view and own style of writing as i’m no professional writer or great at writing.
What is your favourite thing about blogging ?
My Favourite thing about having a blog is showing the passion I have for what I write about, also making friends through social media and meeting hopefully other bloggers along the way, it was all so just something I wanted to see if I was any good at.
Are there any downsides to it ?
 I sometimes feel that I am constantly comparing myself to others blogs and styles and I need to not be doing that. I am my own person and if people like my blog then they will follow me and enjoy it. I all so find sometimes its hard to find things to write so this is why I don’t post on certain days or times I upload when I feel there is a post to be written.
For all us newbies to blogging world, what is my advice to them?
My advice would be have faith in yourself don’t let anyone put you down or off wanting to give it ago. If you find a passion for a particular subject or have a love for it then go for it, people will support you no matter what it- doesn’t matter if you have loads following you if you enjoy it and it makes you happy then I  say go for it.  Do whats right for you.
Name a social media platform you couldn’t live without?
 I couldn’t live without instagram, twitter and You Tube.

To find out more about Julie , check out her blog here 

Instagram Page 


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