What do you want from me?

I am a blogger of Culture and don’t get me wrong I love it, it is a subject that I am passionate about and I like writing about it.

But I fear that I am becoming boring in my blog and becoming a one trick pony. I see my fellow bloggers blogging about fashion, beauty, lifestyle etc and they seem to have more readers/followers in comparison to me (which I will talk about in a future blog).

And it makes me think should I be branching out in my blogging topics to make it more interesting or should I stay to my roots and write what I want to write about?

It is me or the reader?

I suppose it comes down to who am I blogging for,  me or the reader?

Of course I am blogging for myself- I use it as a form/art of self expression and a creative way to express my feelings and way of digitally logging my journo journey. 

But then again it is you guys who read my blogs and I am publishing my content out there online for you lot to read.  So effectively it is you who has to read it and put up with it 😉 .

Should I let you decide?

Because of this, should I let you guys decide on the sort of content you want from my blog? Would you guys prefer it if I had some beauty and fashion content etc?

Or  do you prefer me to keep with what I am passionate about and writing about my journey and all things culture?


Let me know what you think in the comments section.


4 thoughts on “What do you want from me?

  1. do not sell yourself out for just getting likes it shouldn’t be about that, its about writing what you feel passionate about . to be honest i wouldn’t be interested in beauty and fashion etc etc just keep writing about culture etc and what you love.


    1. I guess it wasnt the followers I am worried about (this is a future blog)
      It was more is my blog boring to readers.

      Yea maybe I should keep doing what I am doing- I have got a new and exciting culture feature coming so keep your eyes peeled.


  2. No no no! Definitely keep your niche. There’s a zillion fashion/ lifestyle bloggers out there, and if that’s not truly your passion then you won’t stand out in that field. It’s much better to focus on what your ‘core’ blog content is, and think up new ways to make that as brilliant as possible 🙂 I would also say followers aren’t everything. I don’t have that many followers but I’m still very proud of my blog! I really recommend finding local blogger meet ups in your area as finding a network of people who ‘get’ blogging is so helpful!


    1. I guess it wasn’t the followers I am worried about (this is a future blog)
      It was more is my blog boring to readers.

      Yea I want to stay true to my brand if you were and enjoy writing what I like to write about.


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