What Inspires Me?

Funnily enough this blog is inspired by Button It Crafts  who created a video about what inspires them and how they got to where they are today.

The creator of Button It Crafts (Lucy Hudson) actually used to teach me dance at A Level and was my teacher when I apart of Feet First Dance . She talked about how dance and mixed medium arts are her passion and she how she has been able to create two successful businesses out of them.

This got me thinking about what inspires me and how I can maybe one day turn it into a business. As at the moment  I feel a little lost and have no idea what I want to do with my life and my career.

What I enjoy?

Obviously I enjoy all things Culture, I love writing about and going to the theatre. Though it does not  give me any monetary value, I love the experience and feelings I get when I engage in art.  Being located in the North East, I never get bored when it comes to seeing a show.

I would be silly not to mention Blogging, I have been doing this since January and so far so good, though I am still a newbie to this I am slowly but surly getting the hang of it. Since I stopped Dance many years ago, blogging is my creative outlet if you will- without it I would not know how to express my emotions and I would not have an outlet to be creative with. And I hope you guys as the readers are enjoying my content too 🙂

Speaking of Dance, though I still do not do it anymore I still enjoy watching and writing about it. Check out my Language of Dance Blog here  I love how the movement and physicality of the body can tell a story and express such emotion, put together with music it is simply beautiful to watch.

If you have seen my Instagram  page then you will know that I love pampering my Nails, I love getting them done and creating different patterns/styles/looks on them. I think this comes from when my Grandma did her nails, she had long nails and always looked after them- she would always change up the colour looking very glam.  I like having my nails done, without them I don’t feel as put together if that makes sense. I love experimenting with bright colours, I never worry about complementing them with my outfit I just go all out and enjoy looking at them.

As I have said I don’t get monetary value from blogging, so I have a part time job at White Stuff and so far it is one of the best jobs I have had. Yea working in retail it is isn’t as bad as some people think and as I love Fashion it means I get to work with clothes and understand the brand a bit more and the inspiration behind each new collection that WS bring out.  Aside from that (again people who follow me on social media will know) I also love experimenting with my own creative looks, whether it is wearing pink or any other bright coloured blazer or fashioning jazzy pants/leggings. I like to step outside the crowd and where what I like to wear and not follow a trend.

What’s the plan now?

So Lucy has been very fortunate to turn her passions into a business and I have no idea how to do that, I have thought about it- I just do not know where to start and what I would do.

I mean since the Culture Magazine has stopped I have often thought maybe I should expand this blog and turn it into a magazine or an online website?

Or maybe I should turn the tables and go down another career path, expanding my retail experience and work my way up in White Stuff? Or (and this has only been a recent thought) maybe I should go on a nail technician course and set up my own nail business.

Who knows perhaps I am being silly and just living in a dream land, I was just inspired by Button It Crafts and thought why can’t I do that.







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