Guide to Graduation

It has been one full year since I graduated and as I see many soon to be graduates panic on social media about what they wear, can they throw their hats etc I decided to give you future graduates a little guide to graduation.


So you university will have given you your graduation date in advance, so ladies and gents this means you need to start planning. Make sure you have that date off for work so you and your family can turn up to the main event that celebrates all the hard work you have done over the years.

What to Wear

Now if you are anything like me then you will have planned your outfit in advance.  Now the university (Sunderland University) I went to has a black and orange motif in the gown.  so I wanted something that would go with black (which is pretty much anything)  and that would have a pop of colour.

But what is most important is that you are comfortable, graduation is a looonnng time so you need to be able to sit down in it and feel at ease. *Says me who but high wedges on and totally forgot about the amount of stairs I had to walk on* Luckily I did not fall, but comfy yet smart footwear is a must.

However it is a formal occasion (think red carpet) so you can’t turn up in jeans. If you have any questions, I am sure your university will have a ceremony dress code or just ask your student support team.

Take Photos

I know that universities  film the event or they have it on a live stream and they take professional photos as well. However I think it is always a plus if you have a your phone fully charged (maybe bring a portable charger) and you can take photos of your own.  That way you can reminisce about the day and share them on your social media for your friends and family to see.


Bring Tissues

It is going to be an emotional day, some of your friends may be going back home or they may have a job lined up that they are starting very soon. So bring a packet of kleenex tissues just in case you get all teary.

Have Fun


Yes it can be very stressful on the ride to the event but come on, you may only graduate once so the most important thing is to have fun.  You and your fellow students are going to be graduates- you are about to enter the world of work as an adult. Let go and have fun *but not too much fun* 😉


I don’t want to give too much away as it should be a surprise and a individual experience. But if you want to know a bit more, check out former Sunderland Uni graduate Alex Burgees insight to graduation.

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