Fringe Festival Survival Guide

As I keep saying, the month of August is a busy time for all theatre lovers- no doubt half of you will be at the Festival Fringe in Edinburgh.

But what if this is your first time? What if you have never been before and have no idea where to start?

Well fear not for if you keep on reading I will give you a few handy tips on how to survive all the madness that is edfringe.


If you have not already, then if I were you I would plan out my schedule. No matter how long you are there for- whether that be a week, day or for the full month. Work out your schedule, look at when the shows are on- how long they are on for and the location of each of the shows, you don’t want to be running around Edinburgh in a panic that you are going to miss The Dame Dolly Donut Show  (which you should see by the way) because you have been seeing another show that is an hour away.

Also please don’t forget to eat- it is so easy to go from show to show without having lunch but please do eat- the fringe is hungry work so you will need your energy.


I suppose I really should do a whole other blog on the Royal Mile, but that is the place where every artist promotes their show with either a live performance or a flyer. And believe me you better have a spare bag for all the flyers you are going to get.


Before you venture out, make sure you have your phone charged up to take lots of photos, make sure you have your purse for food or to buy some last minute show tickets and last but not least- tickets. Don’t forget them, you don’t want to get all away to the venue without a ticket. Though I think venues can reprint them if you do forget (perhaps check with the box office).


And maybe this is your first time in the city of Edinburgh. So why not explore? Here is a tip if you like your ice cream visit Frisky Froyo or if you like your pub grub- visit The Green Mantle.


Have fun

Most importantly have fun and enjoy the experience/buzz of the festival.



I had forgotten that I had written an article about this on Kettle Mag last year after I had written this check it out here 

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