Culture Trip 6: The Sill

When was the last time you went outside and really explored your landscapes?

For me it was not that long ago thanks to the The Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre.

Created by Northumberland National Park- The Sill was named after the famous Whin Sill geological feature which is nearby.  It is a new attraction that will help people understand and appreciate  our landscapes that we have around us.


It’s a great hub of information that will hopefully inspire people to look after their environment. The Sill has an interactive exhibit about the landscapes and how it inspires different industries including Northumberland musician Kathryn Tickell  .

The building itself is beautiful and accessible to all- which is important.  If you have a wheelchair or a child in a pram- there are no barrios.

Everyone can enjoy The Sill.


You can even walk to the path which leads up to the viewing platform and have a panoramic view of Northumberland. And really take in the fresh air and nature of the landscapes.

Like this one



The Sill is free to enter with free wifi and a beautiful cafe with a view of Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site and the Tyne Valley.

And it is such a great place to get out and about to appreciate the North East countryside.


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