Rising From The Ashes

As I sit here now applying for 20+ jobs I fear if I will get any success in my journalism career.
That is what I have been doing, when I am not working at my part time job I will apply for jobs in the media so PR/Marketing and Journalism.  And so far I have been getting rejection after rejection and I so wonder if something will happen.

Why so many rejections?

So when I do rejected I always try to get feedback  and if I am honest, most of time I don’t the feedback but when I do here are some of the things they say.

The first one if qualifications– I don’t have the Gold Standard in NCTJ’s- This is only necessary for newsroom roles so I have been trying to stay away from reporter roles unless they say that I can retrain or retake the exams with them. Don’t get me wrong I do have an excellent degree and a great amount of experience but sometimes that is not always enough.

Speaking of which experience is sometimes why I do not get a role- This is more pertinent in PR roles as I do have transferable skills for PR and Marketing, I do have little experience in this area of the industry.

One reason which has really got my goat is location– Because I live in a small area of Northumberland, this has affected me for some reason into not getting the job. What I don’t understand is, I am looking for a fresh start- I understand I will need to move and plus I have friends and family dotted around so if I was struggling I am sure they could help me out.

Or most of the time I have just been unlucky– someone has just pipped me at the post when applying for the role but hey ho that is the nature of the job.

What to do now?

So I need to raise up from the ashes to the road success and move forward, get more experience in the range of industries that I am thinking of working in. This will not only help my CV but perhaps give me an idea of what I want to do.

And perhaps get more experience in interviews- when I do get to that process I often fall after that post so maybe I could do with more practice with that too.

What do you think? How do you guys get over rejection?

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