Culture Trip 7: Sunderland/Seaham Trip

You’d think being at Sunderland Uni for 3 years I would know the city and I didn’t really explore that much.

So on a sunny day me and the Hirst famalam explored Sunderland and Seaham. My mum had recommended a funky tea shop called Serendipity.

Close to the Winter Gardens, Sunderland- it is a small vintage tea room that sell vintage clothes as well as tasty teas and cakes, so if love vintage- this is well up your street.

The menu is on the website but I had a BLT type of sandwich, with a fruit infusion tea that was really nice. Perfect for a sunny day it quenched my thirsts.


After that we had a ponder around the shops etc and then off we went to Seaham. Which is a lovely coastline/summer beach vibes. Who needs Portugal when you can go to Seaham- alright it is not the same temperature but I loved the beach area and the harbour.

Again- Mum knew where to go and we visited the 1950’s themed ice cream parlour called Lickety Split  I don’t want to give much away but if you have ever seen Grease the musical then it is a lot like that inside. They do some amazing flavour ice creams, I had the Passion Fruit Mango one and my brother had an Owl Ice Cream :P.



I tell you what I did not realise was at Seaham- is  the British Statue Solider called Tommy the Solider by Ray Londsdale. It was created to mark the centenary of the first world war.

It is rather majestic to see, here is link to an article all about it but I have attached a photo of it here.

20170810_161222 (1).jpg


Anyway I know this was a short but sweet  blog but I just had a nice run out with the family to places I had never really explored before. I wanted to do a little write up about it.

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