Getting My Act Together

You may have noticed that my journey so far has been full of complaints, well it is time to change that.

I have recently come back from a summer break and I loved it, I felt like I could like actually breath. I had very little signal, NO WIFI and I bloody loved it.  It was so refreshing and I think that everyone (and I may continue this) should have a 2 week break from wifi/smart devices.

I feel more positive and I have a better outlook on life now thanks to my summer break away.

Trying to be more positive  in my career

I am going to keep blogging- not because it is good for my career but it is because I like doing it- it is a creative outlet for me.

I am still going to be sending my CV out- I am not going to give up, they can only say no but at least I am trying.

And if the whole CV/job hunt does not work out then I have another idea up my sleeve, when I was away in Scotland I had an idea about doing it myself. I don’t want say too much as these ideas are only small and they are not fully thought through but I am thinking about setting up my own business and seeing where that goes. Obviously I am aware that I have no idea how to set one up but if I speak to the write people and do my research, who knows what can happen.

That’s my goal

You may remember at the start of the year I published my 2017 goals, one of them was getting fitter. And if I’m honest I did start doing that but then I hit a massive wall and I stopped going to classes. I would make excuses for myself and to the teachers for not going but now I am going to make myself go, whether that be Zumba, Zumba Strong or Dance Fitness classes I am going to make an effort to go.

As you know what they say healthy body healthy mind.



I’d just like to live my life with a bit more spring in my step and give myself a routine. Stop moping around and get myself going and start making things happen in my life rather than waiting for something to happen.



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