Culture Trip 8: Mary Poppins in the Park

Who remembers car lot cinemas? You know the big screen outside with everyone sitting in their cars ready to watch a film?

No me either, sadly I never got to experience that until recently.

Yes last week I got to experience watching Mary Poppins in Sele Park, Hexham and it was practically perfect in every way.

Now if you have not seen Mary Poppins, then what on earth are you doing? Stop reading this blog and go and watch it now đŸ™‚


There was of course the big screen, situated in front on the bandstand with a food and drink stand.


It was really exciting to see everyone with their camping chairs, walking around trying to find the best viewing point. It was going to be cold as the film was late on in the evening, so I and the Hirst famalam were wrapped up in layers- hoodies/ponchos and jumpers anything to keep us warm as the night got colder.

But if we did get cold, the local cafe Deli at Number 4 provided hot drinks and snarks to keep us warm.

Now I tell you what made this event even better, it was free! ( thanks to Queens Hall Theatre) And it was a great turn out, many families came out with their chairs to watch the film and support local arts and entertainment.

It was lovely to see all the families put down their mobile phones, sit down outside in the lovely park at Hexham and enjoy Mary Poppins. I imagine that this could have been the first time some of the children had seen the magical Disney film and it was nice to hear people singing along and enjoying the experience.

I hope to experience many more events like this in the future as Mary Poppins in the Park was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

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