There have been moments in my blog and in my life where I have been feeling really low and have not been able to gain confidence in myself. Even in September when I promised you guys that I was going to stay positive and not complain, I was still feeling rather low then.

And if I am honest,it is only really from the end of October that I have started to  feel myself again and I feel more confident in my abilities.

I recently did some work experience in marketing and I really enjoyed it- the staff were really lovely and supportive and were willing to answer my questions. The office was really nice too- all in all it was a great experience and it confirm to me that marketing is really what I want to do in my career. In fact I’d love to go back to the same company to learn more and develop my skills.

If I am honest I have not been attending my fitness classes as much- just due to time- I have been rather busy but I hope to be getting back to them really soon. Don’t worry I have been exercising by taking myself out on walks, I have just not been going to the classes.

I am even making more of an effort into my look, I have my nails done, make up done and I am making an effort with my outfit. Even if I am not going anywhere I am still getting ready for the day ahead. And I just find that by looking good- you start to feel good.

Honestly guys, I know this year for me has not been the best but I really feel that I have found my moxy. From now and to the start of 2018 and I am thinking things are going to change for the better and I am feeling more positive now.







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