My 2017 Goals

So you may remember at the start of the year, I set myself some Goals for 2017.

And as we are heading towards the end of the year, I thought I would tell you about my goals that I managed or maybe didn’t manage to achieve.

So let’s start at Number one, I said I wanted to pass my driving test.  If you read my previous blog about driving then you will I know that  I did not manage to pass. But fear not I have put in for another one in the new year so fingers crossed.

Nobody’s perfect

Okay so perhaps I did not complete my second and third goal- I have not got a job yet, that’s in the media. I am getting some work experience in marketing/pr as I would like to get a role in that sector rather than journalism.And because of that I have not moved out yet, but I suppose everything takes time.


Not been a total fail

During the summer I had a massive de-clutter of clothes,  I sorted clothes out that didn’t fit me and clothes that I had worn for a long time and then took them all to my local charity shop. And it felt great, knowing that I donated to charity. And I suppose the idea of knowing that my clothes are going to have a new lease of life/history excites me.

Talking of feeling good  (though I have not done recently) but I have really enjoyed keeping fit and going to Zumba/Dance Fitness classes.  It has made me feel really happy and good about myself. I did not join because I wanted to loose weight, I just wanted to have fun and dance and enjoy myself.

That was number 6, what about the rest ?

Well  number 7 was to read more, which I have. I actually like to ask for suggestions across my social media channels and I will pick a suggestion and then read. So far I have read 13 or so books this year and you can always catch up on my latest read on my Instagram page.

Now I didn’t want to through each goal, I wanted to do a summary. So whilst I have not hit every goal this year, I have achieved most of them in order to better myself and make my 2017 a better year.

And when it comes to 2018, I am not sure if I am going to give myself goals. Problem is, it always something that you want to take away or do more of and like I have proved- we never do them.  And if I am honest, I feel rather embarrassed that I have not been able to tick everything off my list. So even if I do make myself some 2018 goals I don’t think I will blog about them, as that way I won’t need to worry.

What do you think about setting yourself goals?, do you set any yourself? Did you manage to hit any goals for 2017?

Let me know the comments 🙂













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