Theatre in Prudhoe Front Street

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As a Culture Blogger living in a small town known like  Prudhoe in Northumberland, there are not many cultural opportunities in the area and often I find myself having to travel to outside of my home town  just to get a taste of a cultural event.

The North East, as a whole is a massive hub of culture- whether it is dining out, going to a gig, going to a see a performance or visiting a museum- the North East is booming with opportunities.   It is just a shame that we have to travel further a field to engage with it.

However now that Mortal Fools have created the Front Street Theatre in Prudhoe, we don’t have to travel as far which is fantastic for us rural towns. And as a big supporter of North East art and culture  I am very much in favour of making the industry accessible as it can be.  

When I ask my friends and family what do you think of when I say the word Culture , they reply with words like West End, London,arty farty  and stagey.  And I am trying to free them of those opinions. It’s a shame that people are put off by it,  because they fear that they won’t understand the art or they have to go to London to see something of a high quality.

You only have to look around you to see some fabulous arts and culture projects. Forget London- everything you can ask for in the land of arts and culture is right on your doorstep.  If you think about it, in Hexham, (which is a 30min drive from Prudhoe)  they have the Forum Cinema, The Abbey, Old Gaol and of course the Queens Hall Theatre.

And now- if you  are luck to live in Prudhoe, we have the Front Street Theatre. When I was walking along doing a bit of shopping along the High Street, I was really excited to see the old McGees shop being turned into a Theatre for Christmas.  And even if I do say so myself, it is just what Prudhoe needs.

Having Mortal Fools put on Melva in Prudhoe is going to be a great introduction for audiences who have not  engaged in culture before. I hope by  people in the North East who are going/ have been to the theatre  will be encouraged to visit theatres and engage more in their local Arts and Culture.


And I’d like to think that when my friends and family go to see Melva, they will be a bit more open minded and change their views of Culture and know that they don’t necessarily have to go to the bright lights and big cities to interact with art.


Melva is on at Prudhoe form now till January 6th 2018, for more information on Melva and Mortal Fools click here 











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