My Goals for 2018

I know in my 2017 blog I said that I would not post about my  2018 goals.  As I was in fear that I would not hit them,  and I would look like a failure telling my readers that I did not hit my targets.

Well in the new year I don’t want to feel like that, 2017 has not been my year so I am going to make sure that 2018 is.

And I want to be more positive and focusing on going up, so here are my goals for 2018.

1. Work Experience

Now that I know that I want to work in the PR/Comms/Marketing industry, I want to learn and gain more skills and by doing that I need to gain more work experience.

2. Be More Confident

Last year I had some low moments, so  this year like I  want to focus more on the positives and be more confident in myself. And know that I can do it and I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it.

3. Taking blogging seriously

I would like to start investing more of my time and energy into it. I am going to be rebranding my blog in the new year, I am hopefully going to redesign it, maybe buy a plan on WordPress so I can be  creative and make it look professional.

4. Social Media Launch

Following on to that- in the new year, I hope to create a Twitter and Facebook page for my blog rather than linking in my personal pages like I am doing now. I already have a strong following, so I am a little scared that I will loose followers but I hope you guys will be supportive and follow all of my social media platforms.

5. Networking

So I have actually started to do that, all be it online but I want to network and talk to to fellow Culture Bloggers. Just so I can get advice from them when it comes to rebranding and also how I can develop my audience and create a bit more engagement with my readers.

6. Driving Test

I will- no I AM GOING TO PASS my driving test. I am going to start learning again and learn the new test and bloomin well pass my test.

7. Job

Hopefully this will be my year and I will find a job in PR and Marketing or at least gain some more contacts, as it is not what you know it is who you know.

8. Live Life

And lastly, I want to live life to the fullest and say yes more.Get out there and have an adventure.

Happy New Year to you all my lovely readers


5 thoughts on “My Goals for 2018

  1. Just seen that you’re looking to liaise with culture bloggers – my blog is about film and TV but I’m looking to go beyond reviews and include more about the social/political/cutural aspects. If you’re interested in guest blogging, let me know! Or if you’re interested in writing about your experiences of ITV work placements?

    Happy new year!

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