Hello 2018

Well hello and a happy new year to you all, I hope you are all well.

I am sorry I have been on the down low since the new year, but I have been so busy during the Christmas period and then of course celebrating new year and my 23rd Birthday.

So now it is the new year, which means new blog posts and hopefully a new me.

What’s new for the blog?

You may have seen in my 2018 goals post  about wanting to re brand my blog. Since talking to fellow bloggers, I think I am going to postpone the redesigning of my page just because I simply can not afford it at the moment.  However I am defiantly going to create separate social media pages for my blog, as it will be more professional and it will mean that my friends and family wont be bombarded with all my blog posts.

I hope to have more of a balance between Culture and Journalism posts, I feel that last year I was too much focused on my journey and forgot about theatre and so I hope to have more balanced content.

So apart from getting my social media pages, I just will still be posting every Wednesday and Saturday.

What’s new for you?

Last year was not a good year for me and I was feeling rather low, this year is all about changing that and being more positive in life.

I hope to have my shiz together and start wearing my bright coloured blazers, yea remember when I used to where those? I know that when I get those back on, I will feel confident and fearless.










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