I found the musical in me

No I am not about to be the next Webber and write a musical. Ha can you imagine if I did, hmm I wonder what it would be called?

This post is about how I am getting back in touch with my stagey side and enjoying listening to songs from musicals. I used to be obsessed with having songs from Wicked, Hairspray, High School Musical etc on my ipod but then I grew up- got into pop music and disowned musicals (shock-I know).

It is only since Christmas that I have really got back into listening to cheesy tunes, it started from when the Hirst famalam got me the 3 disc musical album by Elaine Paige and I started to remember those musicals that I once loved and also educate myself into news shows that I have not seen nor have heard the songs.

That is acceptable isn’t it? Listening to and knowing the words to a song from a musical that you have not seen…

And after Elaine I started chilling out with Alife Boe and Michael Ball new album and totally missed listening to their powerful voices- the song they do from the Lion King makes the hairs stand up on my neck.  And of course, I have recently seen The Greatest Showman- which is for me the best film/musical of 2018 so far.

Getting back together with all these great songs has defiantly got me in the mood to go  back to London and see a few West End shows or stick a few films on the TV- but it has also made me think about my old performance art career. I miss being on stage and dancing with a cast hmm I wonder is it too late to get back into that? Hmm.. even if was just for one night only- I love to have that feeling again of being back on stage and to perform in a musical would be amazing.

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