Young Person’s Guide to Opera

Yes I had that reaction  when I read that title on a book.

I work in retail and we sell books for charity, as I was sorting them out I came across a book called A Young Person’s Guide to Opera.

And I could not believe my eyes when I saw it, who needs a book like that? who needs a guide like that? So I flicked through the contents and put the book down.

I really don’t think you need a guide for young people to go to the opera.

My Guide

So here is my guide to going to the Opera.

Step 1- Visit your local theatre and check out it’s programme to see what is on.

Step 2- Perhaps read some reviews of the Operas in the programme.

Step 3- Pick an Opera that tickles your fancy.

Step 4- Go to that Opera and see what you think- the more you watch the more experience you get and if it is not for you then you can stop going.

I’ve never been

The thing is, I don’t feel qualified to even give you this guide- as I have not been to the Opera.

My grandad has gone but I never have and I think that is why- there is almost this idea that Opera is for the older audience but as I have never been I really wouldn’t know.

Thus showing that perhaps that guide is useful and I should read it haha

Whatever you decide to do, you do it on your own terms.

If you are a young person and you have been to the Opera or you are going to the Opera- then do let me know what show you saw and what your experience of it was like. Then let me know in the comments below.

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