Why I Blog?

It has been a year since I created this blog and it got me thinking into why and how I started it.

Inspired me?

After graduating I really wanted to build up my online profile/brand. So I made sure that all of my social media accounts were all set but I still wanted to write, so that is where the blogging came in.

I just wanted to write about my topics that I enjoyed. And a lot of my fellow graduates were writing and had blogs so I thought why not join in on this party.

Rollercoaster ride

At first I was not sure what to write about and I didn’t really know what I was going to do. So I decided to write about what I knew and see what happens. That’s what I like about writing, that it can just flow naturally and see what comes of your creation. And just because you have created it, does not mean you have to stick to that version- you can edit, re draft and recreate more.

Blogging is still a learning curve to me and I am enjoying the ride.

So far so good

Since I started Gemma’s Journey in January 2017, I have really enjoyed the experience. I love writing individual blog posts like this one, creating new features and writing about theatre etc.

That is what I am most happy about- the fact that I can still engage with my passion (Culture) and use it in my blog, I love writing about dance, music and theatre. I tend to blog at least once a week now and share my blog posts on a weekend.

Obviously I still have a lot to learn and I did set up my Facebook Twitter Instagram sites last month so I am still developing that. And I am aware that my visuals for my blog don’t look great- but that is my next challenge.

I really want to amp up the way my blog looks but I need to do some research into this first or if any of you guys are expert bloggers, do get in touch with me if you know how I can do this.

Why I blog?

So I guess I am supposed to say that I do it for you- my readers and fellow journo grads. But I like to think blogging as an art form, as a way of self expression. I don’t really dance anymore, so writing is my art form- I just write what I am feeling and hope that my readers like it and can relate to it.

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