Me and My Skin #3

So I know that is actually out my remit but as I have said in previous posts about my skin it does affect my journey into journalism.

And so far into 2018, my skin has been up and down.

Since the end of 2017, my skin has a little congested and is in need of some TLC.

So I went off to Lush and was advised to buy Herbalism so I did just that and started to work. I thought I had finally found the perfect product.

And this really boosted my emotions, I felt more confident in my skin and I was happy that I finally found something that worked. Until I started to breakout because I had overused it. I was using this all day and every day and it was too much on the skin.

I was really upset, I felt like every time I was going forward and found a good product- I was also going backwards and my skin was getting worse rather than better.

I am now back to Ultrabland and Grease Lightning, my skin is starting to settle down so I am happy about that. I know I still have blotchy bits but I am happy that less is more and my skin is getting better.

I have the proper routine now-

AM: Cleanse with Superdrug B Gel Cleanser or Lush 9to5, splash face with cold water, tone with Lush de Romer Water and moisturise with Lush Enzymoin or Superdrug B Confident Phase 1

PM: Cleanse with Ultrabland or B Toner Water and for spots use Grease Lightning

I just need to remember that back in 2012, my skin was worse and I should be happy with how my skin is now.

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