Too Niche

“Blogging” by Jonathan Rolande is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I follow a lot of blogs who cover fashion, beauty, books, lifestyle, travel etc

And a lot of my fellow bloggers write about all of those topics all on one site. Now I only write about Culture and my journey into journalism and that is it.

I fear that bloggers who cover more than two subjects have more opportunities in the blogging world and have stronger relationship with PR companies. I may be wrong in what I am saying but it is just from what I see in the blogging world. In with Culture, family bloggers appear to have more involvement with Culture and get access to events that I can only wish I had access to.

I see mothering bloggers go to museums and theatres and I wonder why I miss out, why are family blogs more appealing than Culture Bloggers?

And then I see beauty and fashion bloggers who get sent beautiful clothes and products from a range of brands to review them. Yes I get to review shows but it isn’t a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick is it?

I also wonder, do bloggers who cover fashion etc have more followers because of the visuals of the blog and how their Instagram looks. I know this may seem like I am jealous but I am not, I am worried that I am too niche and boring- not covering a range of categorise to appeal to my reader.

I know I only cover two topics, so should I cover more so I can get better opportunities? Or should I stick to what I know and what I enjoy writing?

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