Social Media & Scheduling

Since I started my social media pages for this blog, I have struggled to focus on both my personal and blog profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

It was becoming a full time managing both, so I decided to use Hootsuite and Facebook to schedule posts on my blog profiles. I did try to use other social media scheduling apps but struggled to use them.

So for one month in February, I scheduled posts and I am not going to lie- even that was stressful enough. Trying to look forward into the future about what I was going  to post and even thinking about when I wanted to post- it was hard but I had a go.

Whilst I was watching the posts go on automatically, I realised that my views were dropping- turns out you guys don’t like it. I posted a couple of times every Mon, Wed and Friday. And I would check my numbers from that week and it did not look good.

And I am being honest, I am glad that was the result, I was struggling to schedule and plan a head. I also didn’t like it because it meant that I was not really engaging freely with you, I was watching the posts go and then focusing on my own social media. And then forgetting to have conversations with my readers.

So I have decided to freely posts on social media when I can/ feel necessary on both my profiles.  I will of course, still post my blog post on social media but I want to do it more freely and relaxed, rather than sounding like a robot.

From now on, no more scheduling unless it is absolutely necessary.

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