My Top Five Bloggers

Remember when I wrote about my top five vloggers on you tube?

Well since I have my social media set up, I have been talking to fellow bloggers more and networking with them online. So I decided to show you who my top 5 favourite bloggers are.

1: Twenty- Something City

I have known Alice for a while now through Kettle Magazine and she actually (though she does not know it) inspired me to start a blog. She blogs about fashion, lifestyle, travel and careers. I love her blogging style, I like sitting with a cuppa and reading her blogs, it is like I am having a chat with her. Alice’s Instagram is always on point and full of amazing fashion photos, I swear every time she uploads a new picture I always ask her where did you get that from and I immediately want to buy it all.

2: Just Emmi

Again, another fellow Kettle writer who has a bloomin great blog. She covers various topics which I can relate to, I also appreciate how honest she is in her posts. Sometimes I am a little wary of that but she has a strong trust/relationship with her readers that she can be honest. Emmi’s posts inspire me to come up with fresh new content, unlike me- she is very active across her social media platforms and engages with her followers.

3: Culture Bean

Ah a fellow Culture Blogger, I am struggling to find them these days. Culture Bean travels all around the world and shares her experiences with her readers. Like me, she reviews theatre but she reviews the major shows/musicals that I don’t get access to,so it is nice to read about something different in the land of theatre.

4: Uptown Oracle

Uptown Oracle helped me create my cover photo and logo for my social media so I have her to thank for that. Her blogs have been known to give me a kick up the bottom in terms of getting my shiz together for blogging. She blogs about blogging tips and also writes reviews about books, if you ever want to read a good book then she can give you some suggestions, I also believe that she has set up her You Tube Channel now too.

5: Dance Culture North East

If I ever need to know what is going on in the world of Dance in the North East, then this is the blog to go to. It is full of previews,interviews and reviews about dance culture which is great for me as I always like to go to Dance City and experience something new in the world of dance.

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