We Are Woman- The Podcast

I was never really in to podcasts until my Dad introduced me to Five Live- Beyond Reasonable doubt podcast, since then I caught the bug and I was keen on finding more of them.

My crazy yet creative Auntie Janet told me about Mint Velvet and how they have a podcast called We Are Woman Now I am slowly but surly introducing myself to girl power and the act of feminism (I have Sara Pascoe and Caitlin Moran to thank for that) so I thought why not give this podcast a go.

I listen to podcasts in the morning when I am getting a shower, I have it on my waterproof Bluetooth speaker and then just on my phone when I am putting my face on.

And I have to say I bloody love We Are Woman.

It is presented by Viv Groskop and produced by Kate Taylor, every new podcast presents a new topic that is discussed by woman who do amazing things and have amazing careers. They also have features where Viv interviews a celebrity, talks to a specialist who is in the know and my favourite feature- my life in clothes (which I have talked about in a previous post).


I have to admit I was a little dubious about listening to the podcast, I was thinking it may be a bit older for my ears. But you know what- it isn’t.

We Are Woman is just like having a chat with all your girl friends, when you are feeling  low and need a bit of pick me up- the podcast  makes me feel better.

Because the podcasts have a range of guests, it means that there is a mixture of opinions and reactions which I think is important as each podcast can offer up something new. It keeps it fresh and entertaining.

Honestly, if you are a woman who feels a bit lost then try this podcast and all will make sense in the world.



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