Review: Where Do We Stand @Northern Stage

It has been a long time since I have seen a piece of theatre that has connected with me in such a way that I am left speechless afterwards.  And I think the theatre has been waiting for a performance like this, it’s just no one has known how to do it- until now.

Where Do We Stand is a physical representation of what young people living in Newcastle and Gateshead are feeling and thinking about in 2018.

Where Do We Stand is performed by Northern Stage Young Company, it is an upbeat and relatable performance,  feeling that I was the target audience for the piece- the show is everything that young people have been trying to say- they have just never had the chance to be heard.

The show highlights individual stories and experiences from these young people who live in the North East. Each told in a variety of ways such as projections of Newcastle’s busy shopping streets, physical theatre, rhyme, comedy or music. They all  allow the actors to express themselves creatively.

It’s clear to me  that the core of the performance is the beating and the buzzing heart of Newcastle, with references to St James’s Park, the night clubs, The Angel of The North. I appreciate the percussionist Lee McMenemy who regularly busks on Northumberland Street playing in Where Do We Stand- giving that proper soundtrack to Newcastle as it were.

There is a sense of euphoria and that sense of feeling proud to be from the North East and not to shy away from who you want to be. That you can defy the ‘norms’ and break away and stand out.

Arts and Culture is screaming out loud for more of this style of theatre, it’s powerful, emotive and so real.  Where Do We Stand excites me to see what North East youth theatre are going to come up with next. It also confirms to me that in this mad world that we living in now, we are going to be in the safe hands of Generation Z- even if they are still unsure as to which of them is Ant and which is Dec.

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