Culture Trip 10: Finding Comfort in Newcastle

I wasn’t sure whether to put this in a Culture Trip or my Journalism Journey, as you know I have been feeling a bit sorry for myself lately and feeling all out of sorts.

So one day I decided to take myself off to Newcastle for some therapy in the retail and food and drink variety. Baring in mind I did this in April, this was a cold and damp day- not the best day to go into town but I did.

I had a plan to be me centric, so I knew what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go.

First thing first was some retail therapy, I headed to some of my favorite shops like Urban Outfitters, Fat Face, Cath Kidson etc and yes I may have treated myself to a few tops and jumpers that I did not need. But did it make me happy buying them? Yes, yes it did.

All that shopping made me hungry, low and behold there was an international food and other trinket market on.

Pastries, Paella, Pancakes- you name it the market had it. There were so many smells, tastes and colors- it was a vision to be experienced. Having a look around the market stalls, I went to the Morocco stand and I got a veggie tagine. And let me tell you on a cold spring day, it is just what I needed- something hot and spicy. Mmm it was tasty.


After the hot and spicy food and all that shopping, I needed to put my feet up and have a drink. So I decided to go to Tea Sutra a cafe that I had never been to but always wanted to visit.


If you don’t know where Tea Sutra is, it is on the road up to St James’s Park , it is a place where you can relax and recenter yourself from your busy day. If I am honest I was just thirsty and really wanted to experience Tea Sutra.


Sat in a rather relaxing chair I had a Sencha Cherry Rose Tea with a Strawberry and Vanilla cake and both were so sweet and tasty. It was strange pouring my tea from that (pictured above) tea pot and waiting for it to brew before I did. Tea Sutra is a very zen environment and I found it a great place just to rest and enjoy myself and my own company.

Often we are soo busy with our daily routines and we are constantly on our smart phones that I think we need to be nice to our selves and treat ourselves more often.

And I guess that is what I wanted this Culture Trip to be about, to show that in the busy world of the toon there are chances to take stock of what you are doing and find comfort in Newcastle.

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